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As I’ve been home I have been reflecting on this past semester. I’ve thought about things I’ve learned, memories I’ve made, things I’ve loved, things I did not like, etc. One of my favorite things from this past semester was my Art course “Adornment.” It is a little hard to describe this course, so I will just share the official course description:

“An introductory course in the study of art objects and artworks located on the human body.  This course will explore the history, meaning, and creation of worn objects.  Students will learn how to think of the body as site and as an armature: a place of decoration, a site for transformation, and a tool for human occupation and life.  Students will explore these histories and meanings through the creation of unique and conceptual works in the traditional media of adornment: jewelry, body coverings, applied pigmentation…. Students will work in a variety of traditional and non-traditional media and learn historical and contemporary processes in object making and, art-making. Interpretation of these works within a Christian worldview and a theological understanding of the body will be discussed and applied in the creation of student works.” (Taken straight from

I previously shared about a Kimono that I made in this class in my blog post ” ‘Covered’: A Brief Explanation.” I will also post sometime in the near future about another piece I made that was inspired by my native american heritage.

For now, though, I am going to share the scarves that I made using different Shibori dyeing techniques. Shibori is a Japanese dyeing technique that is done by using a variety of methods to resist fabric; such as folding, twisting, etc., to create a design. I used four different techniques: Folding, Ice Dyeing, Wrapping, and Stitching.

Shibori Scarves

For the first one I used a folding technique. If you are interested in making one like this check out a tutorial like this one.

Folding Technique
Folding Technique

I chose to ice dye the second scarf. This is my personal favorite. It is unpredictable and turns out so beautifully. The final piece will always be a pleasant surprise when you ice dye. I followed this tutorial, and it worked very well for me.

Ice Dyeing Technique
Ice Dyeing Technique – My personal favorite.

For my third scarf I did a pole wrapping technique. This blog helped me figure out how to do this method.

Wrapping Technique
Wrapping Technique

For my last scarf I chose to do a stitching technique. This was probably the most time consuming one for me, but I love the way it turned out. If you are interested in doing a stitch resist, check out this blog.


Stitching Technique
Stitching Technique

Shibori Scarves - Vibrant Color

I dearly loved experimenting with these techniques. I am far from perfecting them, but I am going to continue to dye some more items and play around with some different Shibori methods.

Comment and share if you try any of these out! I would love to hear how you did yours and how it turned out!


Stay Creative!

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