Spontaneous Trips to Tennessee // Memphis + Nashville

If anyone knows me, they know I have a soft spot for country music. This past Monday and Tuesday I went and did a quick little tour of Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee. I had never been to either (at least that I remember) and my dad had a business trip in Memphis, so me and my mom tagged along and made a quick stop in Nashville on our way back home. I had no preconceived ideas about either except that I knew they were big music cities. In Memphis we were able to tour Graceland and saw where the King of Rock and Roll lived. We were also able to eat some great barbecue. Personally, I am not a big fan of barbecue, but the barbecue I had at Corky’s in Memphis was yummy!

This is the front of Elvis Presley’s House (Graceland). It was a lot smaller than what I was expecting. But it was very extravagant and very 60’s/70’s.
This was one of the first rooms in his house — the living room. There were lots of mirrors in this room.
Graceland, Jungle Room
This was one of Elvis’s favorite rooms to lounge in. He called it the “Jungle Room.” Lots of wood and lots of green.
Graceland, Pool Room
This was one of the rooms that he used to entertain people in his basement.
Graceland, TV Room
This was the “TV Room.” I do not think that I have ever seen so many mirrors in one room in my whole entire life. The ceiling and walls consisted of mirrors.

Memphis was cool and all but what I really enjoyed was Nashville. I’m blown away by the musical talent that is there. I wasn’t able to get into most of the places that had bands playing because you had to be 21 or over but we found one that I could get into, it was an 18 and over place. Just walking around Music Row and hearing all the bands from outside the buildings was an experience. I didn’t get the name of the band that I saw, but they were exceptional. Oh! and did I mention line dancing? The places I went (Wildhorse Saloon) had people designated to leads the line dances and any one was welcome to get up and join. Yes, I did get up and dance for a few songs, how could I not? 😉

There’s just so much raw talent that resides there and the city has a very genuine and welcoming feel about it. There is a radiating sense of vibrant life and fun and music and adventure.

Nashville Band
This is a picture of the band that I saw in the restaurant/bar that we went to. The venue was rather large and they had a very nice stage and light system.

Also another thing that I realized while on this short trip is that I didn’t realize how much I appreciate southern culture. It’s just different than even where I live in Kentucky. It seems that there is a lot more respect for people. Now that is a big statement that people in the south respect other people more than those in the north, but I think that people that live in the south just express it in a different way. People hold doors open for other people (even if you are at the awkward distance away and have to do the awkward walk/run). They say “yes ma’am” and “yes sir” and just address everyone with respect. 

I went on this tag-a-long trip not thinking much of it, and ended up falling in love with a new city. I only saw a sliver of Nashville but it will definitely be a place I will be visiting often. 

Now I took my camera with me but I usually left it behind because I did not want my face to glued to my camera the whole time. I wanted to experience it free of distraction so, sorry, all my pictures are just quick pictures that I snapped with my phone camera. But none the less, I hope you enjoyed my adventure vicariously through my blog post and pictures 🙂 

I believe in Nashville
Excuse my awkwardness, I just wanted a picture next to this! I look about 5 or 6 pictures that were just way too horrible to post on the internet. This was the best one. 🙂
Memphis, Basketball
This picture was in front of the Fedex Forum where the Grizzlies play. I just love basketball so much, how could I not hop on this giant basketball and snap a pic?
Nashville, Sarah, Me
I also had the pleasure of meeting with one of my dearest friends for coffee when I was in Nashville. Such a pleasure to have this lovely lady in my life. 🙂


Until Next Time,

Victoria Grace

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