Reflection // Experimenting with Shibori

Hello there 🙂

As I’ve been home I have been reflecting on this past semester. I’ve thought about things I’ve learned, memories I’ve made, things I’ve loved, things I did not like, etc. One of my favorite things from this past semester was my Art course “Adornment.” It is a little hard to describe this course, so I will just share the official course description:

“An introductory course in the study of art objects and artworks located on the human body.  This course will explore the history, meaning, and creation of worn objects.  Students will learn how to think of the body as site and as an armature: a place of decoration, a site for transformation, and a tool for human occupation and life.  Students will explore these histories and meanings through the creation of unique and conceptual works in the traditional media of adornment: jewelry, body coverings, applied pigmentation…. Students will work in a variety of traditional and non-traditional media and learn historical and contemporary processes in object making and, art-making. Interpretation of these works within a Christian worldview and a theological understanding of the body will be discussed and applied in the creation of student works.” (Taken straight from

I previously shared about a Kimono that I made in this class in my blog post ” ‘Covered’: A Brief Explanation.” I will also post sometime in the near future about another piece I made that was inspired by my native american heritage.

For now, though, I am going to share the scarves that I made using different Shibori dyeing techniques. Shibori is a Japanese dyeing technique that is done by using a variety of methods to resist fabric; such as folding, twisting, etc., to create a design. I used four different techniques: Folding, Ice Dyeing, Wrapping, and Stitching.

Shibori Scarves

For the first one I used a folding technique. If you are interested in making one like this check out a tutorial like this one.

Folding Technique
Folding Technique

I chose to ice dye the second scarf. This is my personal favorite. It is unpredictable and turns out so beautifully. The final piece will always be a pleasant surprise when you ice dye. I followed this tutorial, and it worked very well for me.

Ice Dyeing Technique
Ice Dyeing Technique – My personal favorite.

For my third scarf I did a pole wrapping technique. This blog helped me figure out how to do this method.

Wrapping Technique
Wrapping Technique

For my last scarf I chose to do a stitching technique. This was probably the most time consuming one for me, but I love the way it turned out. If you are interested in doing a stitch resist, check out this blog.


Stitching Technique
Stitching Technique

Shibori Scarves - Vibrant Color

I dearly loved experimenting with these techniques. I am far from perfecting them, but I am going to continue to dye some more items and play around with some different Shibori methods.

Comment and share if you try any of these out! I would love to hear how you did yours and how it turned out!


Stay Creative!

Until Next Time,

Victoria Grace

Brownie Turtle Cheesecake // Holiday Dessert

Merry Christmas, Y’all!

Christmas day is not complete without some yummy Christmas dessert 🙂

My brother and sister-in-law came over for our big Christmas meal today and I asked my brother if he could have any dessert in the whole wide world, what would he want? He said “Turtle Cheesecake.” So I went and did some research on Pinterest and found a somewhat easy turtle cheesecake recipe. I ended up on Sprinkle Some Sugar blog and found this no-bake caramel turtle cheesecake recipe with a brownie crust. Yum!

The only thing I did different from the recipe is I used a gluten-free brownie mix instead of the Ghirardelli or homemade brownies suggested for the recipe. It turned out great!

I would recommend this recipe! Very yummy and not super hard! 🙂

Chocolate-Caramel Lovers Dream
Chocolate-Caramel Lovers Dream

Brownie Turtle Cheesecake

No-Bake Turtle Cheese Cake // Holiday Dessert


Blessings to you!

Until Next Time,


Abandoned Warehouses // Anna + Tori

I hope everyone is doing well in this crazy holiday season!

Recently I have been struck with how much God loves and deeply cares for His children. I am blessed in so many ways and am usually too naive to see it until after the fact. In the gospel of Matthew, chapter 7 talks about how earthly parents know how to love and give good gifts to their children, but these are in comparison nothing to the kind of love and care and gifts that God showers on his beloved children (Matthew 7:11). Right before this Matthew talks about how when we ask, God is gracious and gives to those who ask. I’ve been really thinking a lot about the power of prayer recently. So many times in my life God has proved Himself time and time again to me through answered prayers. If you are discouraged about a situation, pray about it. God hears us. He cares about us. You may not see immediate results, but then again you might. God may may answer with a no, but ultimately He is going to do what is best for us because He loves us and can see the big picture of our lives that we are unable to see. Even if you are not discouraged, I would encourage you to spend time in prayer. Thank God for the good things in your life. Lift up others to God that may be struggling.

One of the huge blessings that I feel Gods love through is my roommate, Anna. When we both came to Covenant we did not know anybody, and we just let the admission people put us with a random person. Little did I know that not requesting a specific roommate would be one of the best decisions I would of made for my college years. We were randomly placed together, but I could not think of a better person to live life with. I dearly love this sweet sister in Christ. I believe that she is a physical expression of Gods love in my life. Her selfless and compassionate character has been very good for me over these past three semesters and has gotten me through a lot and has encouraged me more than I think she will ever know.

I can always count on Anna for being up for a good adventure, or having a good discussion about some art piece, or pursing our creative passions in one way or another. If I ever want to talk about some hard theological questions Anna is the first one to be willing to talk through hard life stuff with me.

Before I went to college I prayed for a good roommate, little did I know what God had in store for me far surpassed what I was hoping for.


Anna Jumping Correction

One Sunday afternoon we were feeling a little extra adventurous and our creative ideas were flowing. We had been wanting to do a photoshoot for a while but just had not been able to find the time with our busy school schedules. After church, before heading back up the mountain, we passed some old buildings and abandoned factories and old warehouses . We could not pass up the perfect opportunity so we pulled over and took some pictures and enjoyed each others company. Doing photo shoots with people you know so well is so much more fun than doing them with strangers or people that you do not know very well.

Joyful Blessings
Joyful Blessings
That stunna gaze though


tori + anna

Anna 4


Now boys, I know she is stunning, but you’re going to have to get through me first 😉

Sisterly Love
Sisterly Love
“Partners in Crime”


Photo Creds to Anna for these next three Photos 🙂

tori 2

tori 4

tori 9

We are coming for you, World.
We are coming for you, World.

Don’t be afraid to seize opportunities when they arise. Take some chances. Would you rather wonder what what could of happened? Or would you rather have tried it and either it be an amazing experience or possibly you might found out it wasn’t the best, but at least you tried.

Go. Adventure. Hope for the best. Love those around you. Pray. 🙂

Until Next Time,

“Covered”: A Brief Explanation

Woah. The last time I posted was on August 30th right after I had moved back on campus and settled in to the swing of college life again. From then till now has been a whirlwind. It is crazy how when you are so busy you blink and three months fly by.

My time here has been consumed by studies, sports, and the occasional mini adventures (but lets be honest, mostly studying)

This past semester I have been taking an art course titled “Adornment” to fulfill one of my electives for my Art concentration. I am working on my Interdisciplinary Studies degree in which I am studying Art, Sociology, and Marketing. The first project for this class was to make a Kimono or an altered version of a traditional Kimono. Kimonos are quite a unique piece because they serve as a functional garment but also a piece of artwork at the same time. The actual construction of making a Kimono is super interesting but for the sake of this post I will not go into the details of that, although if you are interested you should definitely look it up ;). I love this idea of well made, meaningful pieces of clothing that is functional but also beautiful. You should not have to lessen the quality and functionality of a product to make it beautiful or aesthetically pleasing.

To go about making this item we researched different methods of decorating the kimono. Before I choose what method I wanted to do I thought through what I wanted to convey by my piece. I decided I wanted to tell the beautiful story of how God clothes me with His perfect righteousness even though I am horribly broken and far far from perfect.

The inside of my kimono is made of a black cotton fabric that I distressed with scissors, x-acto knives, nails, etc. In the middle of the inside of the garment the word “chaos” is written right side up and then upside down in Japanese. My life is consumed by chaos without Christ. I get so caught up and tangled in the craziness of my own brokenness that I loose sight of what actually matters. Although I constantly am falling short, God is constantly forgiving me. When Christ looks at me He sees His perfect self and the work of the Cross on me. By the grace of God, He has adopted me into His family, and I no longer bare my name, but I bare the name of Christ. He has taken my chaotic and broken life and has embraced me,  loved me, and forgiven me, and He has clothed me with His own righteousness. The outside of my garment is pure white with golden doves stamped all over it – starting with more congested doves at the bottom and thinning out toward the top of the garment. The prophet Isaiah talks of how our sin is red like crimson, but we become as white as snow by the work of Christ, “…though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool.”(Isaiah 1:18). I am cleansed from my sin, and seen as clean in the sight of the Lord. The gold doves represent the Holy Spirit engulfing my life — the Spirit is within me and surrounds me. 

The act of putting on the garment is a symbol for how Christ clothes me with the garment of salvation: “I will rejoice greatly in the LORD, My soul will exult in my God; For He has clothed me with garments of salvation, He has wrapped me with a robe of righteousness, As a bridegroom decks himself with a garland, And as a bride adorns herself with her jewels” (Isaiah 61:10).


I do not think that the pictures fully do this piece justice, but I also wanted to share my work with y’all. I also think that even though I gave a description and explanation of this, the only way to understand the full story is to experience the piece its self. I think there are some things in life that is best expressed through physical artwork rather than words (although words can be made into art as well).

Kimono dove stamp
Detail: Dove Block Print
Kimono distressed
Detail: Distressed Fabric



I see Art as so much more than just an avenue to create aesthetically pleasing things. I think we can tell stories through art and portray some of Gods truth, goodness and beauty in a way that is not possible to convey by just words. I think this is true in all forms of art whether it is painting, writing, dancing, etc. I hope I have inspired you to channel your inner creator 😉

Thanks for reading and God bless!

DIY Wooden Bead Necklace

What you will need:
  • Natural Wooden Beads – I used 25mm size
  • Gold Metallic Spray Paint
  • Clear Acrylic Coating (optional)
  • 2 Feet of very thin ribbon (cut to length you want) or any chain of your choice
As I was in one of my creative moods, I wanted to make something I could wear. I have been getting into the minimalist style recently and have been wanting to make a simple wooden bead necklace. I headed to Hobby Lobby and picked up some generic wooden beads (almost any craft store you go to will have these) and a roll of thin white ribbon.  I grabbed my favorite gold spray paint (Rust-Oleum Bright Coat Metallic Finish in Gold) and a paper plate. I spray painted one side of 3 beads, waited for them to dry, and then flipped them over and spray painted the other side. I did two coats of this and finished with a single layer of Krylon’s Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating.


When I put my beads on my ribbon (or chain) I put two unpainted beads, then the three painted beads, and then two more unpainted beads. I then tied the ribbon in a knot so that it would not fall off easily when I was wearing it.


This was the result. A perfect pairing to almost any outfit.







In Christ,
Victoria Grace


“And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.”

Colossians 3:17